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We are an independent software developer based in Cardiff, UK. We design, develop and market applications for windows desktop and web.

Currently developing with Windows Presentation Foundation, Universal Windows Platform and Steam. Technologies include C#, javascript, XAML and Unity.

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Our products are innovative and leftfield with a strong emphasis on usability and user interface design.

Our featured product, Practical Scriptwriter, is a windows desktop application for the creative writing community.

Practical Scriptwriter

Writing scripts for movies, television, stage and radio involves learning strict formatting rules. Traditional word processors have a hard time maintaining that format and cause the Writer to change from "creating content" to "fixing the formatting".

Practical Scriptwriter provides a format free writing experience to allow quick and easy writing and editing. The format is applied only when a PDF is created of the final script or when printing is required. This approach also makes adapting a work for a different medium far easier.

Available for Windows 7 to 10 from here. The free trial is not time limited but you need to purchase a code to export or print


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